July 1, 2014


What makes you Full of Wonder? Head on over to Instagram and share your inspiration with #fullofwonder and ya might get chosen to receive one of our cute totes in gold (not yet in the shop!!)!

There will be one pic chosen + reposted on our Instagram feed every Friday in July! I started off the inspiration feed with summer nail colors - totally into all the summer shades. 

Get creative and share what catches your eye - can't wait to see whatcha got! xo, e

May 20, 2014

Cocktail Time

Summer time cocktails are my favorite. Pick your favorite citrus - a fresh herb if you like - some champs and mix it in a vintage cocktail glass.  Mmmm...yes!
Refreshing and beautiful with a citrus hue in every glass.  The treat is selecting the glassware to enjoy it in, and I would go with these guys in the shop!

photography 1/2

February 12, 2014

MIX + MATCH: Industrial Vintage and Global Textiles

I came across this image while reading one of my favorite digital magazines, Lonny, and totally saw Magpie Fields  flair. To achieve a look like this, add vintage industrial lighting and touches of global textiles. Featured is the Shed Some Light and the Vintage Geometric Linens from our shop. 

All little more about the featured products:
Shed Some Light is an exclusive Magpie Fields lighting piece that we handmade.  The materials used were a vintage chicken feeder and fabric electrical cording.  There are two options available: black or brown cording.  The light was designed as a swag light creating flexibility for the light to be hung in multiple places in your space or hung as a pendant light.  $150 in the shop!

The Vintage Geometric Linens are just that. A simple, geometric design was woven to make these beautiful napkins.  With this neutral color palette the napkins blend in nicely on your table. Use as a charger, napkin, or designated space to place a candle. It's a nice touch and is $22 for the set of five in the shop!

One-of-a-kind pieces to add charm to your space. Once they're gone, they're gone!

February 5, 2014

The beautiful mess...

Last Fall at Marburger Farm Antique Show, my talented friend, Larry, of Left&14th captured the set up and created space of Magpie Fields.  His photography brings a modern edge to something one might see as ordinary - he brings interest. 
Who knew set-up could be this inspiring? These days, we're so accustomed to seeing images of perfection. Whether in television, print, or web...everything is top-notch and not actual reality. With styling being such a focus on photography these days - seeing what actually is... is inspiring to me. 

Without the bells and whistles - the whole process from start to finish, is beautiful. It all can be appreciated.
Totally digging the unexpected angles and vintage twist of these images.  Go on and check out the photography skills of Left&14th - big thanks for capturing these moments!


November 26, 2013

EAST Austin Studio Tour

The EAST Austin Studio Tour took place the last two weekends in Austin. I was able to breakaway and visit about five different studios out of the 160.  It was utterly inspiring to see the talent of different Austin artists.
The Canopy studio really stuck out to me - I think it was my favorite. Keith Kreeger Pottery and Studio SloMo were two of the talents at Canopy.
We were thrilled to have a bit of Magpie Fields used in the styling of this beautiful wooden bed by DropHouse Design. The styling was done by Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile Studio; she used one of our handmade mud clothes to mix with her incredible textiles.  I totally dig this modern look she created.
Me and my good gal, Rachel, and her hubs, Larry (check out his photography!) really enjoyed EAST this year - although I wish I could have seen more, I'll take what I can get! Son of a Sailor has been a favorite artist of mine since discovering them and seeing their work space was a total treat - their use of color is amazing. 

Until next year EAST...

November 4, 2013

Popping Up: Paint Brush Strokes

Guilty - I was on Pinterest... 

and I came across the new Chanel line for Spring 2014 that reminded me so much of the brushed aluminum vintage fixtures in the shop! I remember when I came across these 1960s mod fixtures I had to grab them for their shape alone.  The clean lines of the fixtures is of course eye-catching and then enhancing them with bright splashes of hand-painted colorful motion has only added that much more interest to the design. 
If this paint brush stroke is popping up on the fashion runway of Chanel then I definitely think we were and are on to something. Pretty cool right?

I have a feeling we're going to start seeing a lot more of the whimsy brushstroke business in both fashion and interiors. Let's ride the wave...

October 18, 2013


So it happened, Magpie Fields made it through it's first show - and not just any show, but Marburger Farm!  I was honored to be part of this world renowned antique show.  It was an incredible experience. Here is what went down ... 
Opening day was energy-filled. There was chatter all around and people were hungry to shop for antiques. Through our set-up, I realized pricing everything the night before was a bad idea. We were working on a few hours of sleep on the busiest day - hey, lesson learned!
Let's go back to the first day of set-up..When I arrived at Marburger Farm, it seemed surreal.  I was experiencing the antique show from a different perspective - a dealer instead of a shopper.  My good friend, Rachel, was sweet enough to take off work to go down to Round Top to help out with the initial stages of setting-up.  We arrived and we had a blank canvas - intimidating but at the same time extremely motivating - we could do whatever we wanted...a creative's dream really!
The first day of set-up we did the textured walls, the Magpie Fields logo to make it official and the lighting "T" beam. My dad was an all-star - he really brought my vision to life with this metal "T" he built.  He created the structure that was holding the lights and wired it to bring them to life - it really made the booth stand out. That extra touch brought it to the next level.   

Yeah, and that handsome guy below - he's my heart. He came to the rescue many of times - helping out on show days to coming after work to help us out with set-up to the wee hours of the night - he was there. 

A show takes a lot of hands and help from others - I honestly couldn't have done it without the support from family and friends - I'm truly blessed.

The second day was move-in day.  All hands on deck - we unloaded everything and started unpacking boxes ... After that, the next two days we spent merchandising/ pricing/ etc - the best part but a very time consuming part. It was awesome to have my mom to share this experience with - she's my ray of sunshine! A mother daughter duo that came ready to set-up shop and that we did!  

Mom and I rearranged the layout half way through the show to keep things fresh and make the booth more inviting.  I hadn't thought about how we would rearrange as things sold but it all worked out! The community of dealers here were amazing - everyone is willing to help out whether it be with advice or moving a couch!
It was amazing to meet all the friends of Magpie Fields - I loved being out from behind the computer screen and being able to bring the product to you guys and meet you as well! The encouragement I received was overwhelming - it really made my overall experience of the show a positive one.  The dream - as of now - is to open a brick and mortar and hearing all of you supporting that was unreal - thank you! 

It was so good to see Austin designers and friends at the show - especially Elizabeth from Stone Textile.  I met Elizabeth in the early stages of Magpie Fields and she has been a great friend/mentor through this journey! If you guys haven't checked out Stone Textile, you should - she is working on a new line being launched soon and has started instagramming sneak peeks! 

Accomplishing this filled my soul. I honestly thought getting everything together within a short six weeks notice while battling with anxiety on top of everything else was impossible. My family encouraged me to go for it and I knew deep down I needed to also, so I did. You guys I honestly believe it was the work of our gracious Savior that made all of this happen. I stood there on opening day and was shocked at how it all came together so smoothly and beautifully. It filled my heart with joy to see everything that is Magpie Fields in a small space...even if it was in the middle of a field! I hope you find this encouraging - to step out and go for it!

A big hug to everyone who helped and who came to visit - you guys are awesome!!

I'm looking forward to what lies ahead... Thanks again friends! xo, e

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