Color Palette Inspiration

I recently came across Clare Nicolson while clicking around Instagram, and my heart might have skipped a beat. I'm totally drawn to color and a good color palette makes me happy, really happy. Along with her beautiful photography to capture her creativity, I was blown away with her eye for color. Guys, she gets it.  Go on and treat yourself by exploring her work. You'll find some really sweet DIYs as well. If "Instafan" is not a thing, it needs to be because I'm totally an #instafan! 


One big blowout sale in the dead of summer. Good idea right? We thought so! We're excited to invite you all to our humble studio space and we're even more stoked about the amazing deals that will be happening! Come by and check out your favorite one of kind Magpie Fields pieces, say hello, and grab a treat! Come early to beat the heat and as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.  See you guys soon! 

* Feel free to park anywhere that is uncovered. 

Magpie at Olive!

Huge thank you to Laura for having us last Friday at her amazing shop, Olive! It was a total blast hanging with Laura and Ebony and meeting new friends visiting Olive's new space and checking out MF goods for East End Fourth Friday! Thanks to all of those who stopped by to have a glass of bubbly with us!  
It was totally dreamy teaming up with Olive for a pop-up.  It was inspiring to see fashion and apothecary amidst all the home decor. (ps you will become addicted to this soap  - you've been warned!) 
I had such fun sprinkling MF moments around the Olive store - and I really enjoyed being in a modern space in such good company. Thanks again to all those who came out and to Laura - you're a gem! 

Magpie Fields Pop-up at Olive | Austin, TX

Come stop by Olive on E. 11th for some fun 6-8 Friday. I'm so stoked to team up with Olive for East End 4th Friday on April 24th!!
We're big fans of Olive and here is one reason...

Isn't it so good? Olive is top notch. 
Come on by and shop the carefully curated collection of Olive and some one-of-a-kind finds of Magpie Fields. We're excited to see you guys - enjoy some bubbles - and have some fun! See you soon at Olive's new dreamy space on E. 11th! 

Round up of Round Top Antique Week: Round Top, TX

My mom and I recently went down to Round Top, TX for the bi-annual Antique Week.  It was our 5th season to scout the fields along highway 237. It's kinda our thing - we love going and love going together - she's my amazing and seasoned pro scouting partner! We've participated in Marburger which was a lot of fun but we also love going as shoppers.

Thinking back to our first trip - we had no idea where to go or what all took place during Antique week.  We're talking miles of antiques - over a span of two weeks in more than one town; Warrenton, Round Top, Carmine, La Bahia, etc. You really can't go wrong but there are some things we have discovered that are staples for our trip; where we are going to park, what part of the fields we will scout, where we will eat...where the cleanest bathroom is!! It's the good to know information and I'm about to spill it...

 This was our first year to scout out the La Bahia field. We went the weekend before Marburger opening and that is when this field opened. The vendors here are fairly priced and have well curated booths.
I found this fabulous vintage mail cart.  I've seen a variety of mail carts but this one was the perfect size and I loved the label and also the wood crate at the bottom.

Note to self: we went the weekend before Marburger Farms which is the most attended show that happens during the two week span.  The traffic was still backed up but I guarantee you it's because we arrived around 10 am. If you don't want to wait - arrive earlier. If you don't arrive earlier, enjoy the beauty of the pastures and start to plan your day of what field you want to attend.  That's what we did - we wanted to really scout out...we wanted deals...we wanted adventure...for that go to Bar W field. Not to mention...there is FREE parking in that back of that field friends. 

Bar W is really raw - what you see is what you get. And i LOVE it.
Overall: Park in the back of the fields
There are portable bathrooms in the back.
You sift through junk to find gems.
There is one eatery on the  main gravel road of the field for lunch type items; fajitas and burgers. There is a snow cone and ice cream truck and roasted corn station along the same road.

 Next is Excess field.  If you are coming from Austin on Highway 237, pass up Warrenton - Zapp Hall, Bar W field, and then the next field is Excess. Turn on the road (no road sign)on the right that is after the Metal barn with a sign that reads Excess. Take the first right off that road - park for FREE on this gravel road - its the back entrance to the field that will bring you to the most amazing international vintage items. I'm talking jaw dropping German, French, and Dutch antiques. There are a lot of repos mixed in too - so be mindful of that!

Excess Field
Overall: Park are gravel road in back of field
There are portable bathrooms in the back.
International vintage finds, reproductions, and vintage decor items.
Out of luck with food/drinks in this field, but it's small you wont' be here too long.
Another one of our favorite fields is behind the Hillcrest Inn.  The Hillcrest in has the BEST bathrooms and really yummy food at Reba's on the top deck.  Enjoy music and take a minute to rest. There are two lines - one for entrees and one for appetizers and drinks. We went the entree route but wished we would have gone the appetizer route.  Next time we will do the appetizer route - more variety of choices - a lot of shareable's the best way to go.
Hillcrest had this lovely duo singing and playing while we ate - they were super talented and it made for a great environment.  That's something I love about antique week - it's a vacation to many. Everyone is relaxed, you hear live music everywhere, if you want to relax with a cocktail you can do that - you just enjoy! And then there are the crazies like myself that are relaxing but are definitely on a mission - it's not all fun and games here...we're on a hunt!!

Hillcrest Inn
Overall: You can park behind the field for $5. Or you can just walk over after scouting out excess field and Bar W. Thats what we did.
There are clean real bathrooms on the top deck.
Curated collections of vintage finds.
Reba's on top deck for food, drinks, and music!
Hillcrest Inn is then followed by Zapp Hall.  Zapp is popular for their food - entertainment - and new merchandise shopping. It's the cute area. They have bathrooms in the back behind the music stage and there are wash stands which is a plus! Do not forget antibacterial friends - you never know when you will not find a sink to wash your hands... you're picking up item after item and your hands will be and look dir-ty! 
Zapp Hall has delicious food but know that the secret is out - everyone knows they have the best food.  Salad and sandwiches that are fresh and yum-may. If you need a break from hunting for treasures this is a great place to go - retail shopping is so different than hunting vintage. It's nice to have a mix. Also, known throughout antique week is the prom that takes place the last weekend of Antique week here at Zapp Hall - the weekend of Marburger. People dress up in tacky prom outfits and go to town - i've never attended because we usually come back to Austin for the night but I've heard it's a hoot and a half.

Zapp Hall
Overall: Walk from other fields you have already scouted.
There are portable bathrooms behind the tent near the food stand with wash stations.
New merchandise retail area
Food is delish - but expect to wait in line. Usually always live music going on!

That's the round up folks - hope this helps you make sense of all the crazy madness that makes up antique week - it's a whole lot of fun - hope to see you out there! Happy Hunting if you are out there right now getting the last bit of the show this season that ends on Sunday!

Magpie Fields at Langford Market Austin, TX

I was fortunate to team up with the fabulous ladies behind Langford Market to host a pop-up shop during SXSW.  It was exciting to be in a new location in town and to meet people from all over the world.

Pop-ups are one of my favorite parts of the business. Being in a new space, meeting new people, styling the merchandise, and even the load to the unload to the load again - it's a rewarding experience that seriously drives me.  

I was so inspired by the people I met during the pop-up. Since it was during SXSW, it was a mix of creatives, entrepreneurs, and tech industry folks.  I was reminded we're here to all encourage one another and that's so refreshing! 

A big thanks to the Langford Market in Austin - it was a pleasure setting up shop and meeting all of you! The candy bar was fabulous - I think I have my sugar fix until...Easter.  

And of course huge thanks to all those who came out to say hello  - it's such a treat to see you!

Stay tuned to find out where we pop-up next!

Magpie Fields & Langford Market | Austin, TX

It's happening - you can find us popping up again this Saturday! 

We couldn't be more excited to collaborate with the amazing team behind Langford Market! Swing by this must visit pop-up shop during all the SXSW fun!

We will be showcasing many vintage treasures - kilim pillows, mugs, unique decor, scarfs and cute totes - alongside the fun fashion of Langford Market!

Come shop the collection 1 PM - 6 PM, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a yummy cocktail and treats from the candy bar!

Enjoy 10 % off your Magpie Fields items! The fun awaits - see you guys on Saturday! #fasionmeetsdecor

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