So it happened, Magpie Fields made it through it's first show - and not just any show, but Marburger Farm!  I was honored to be part of this world renowned antique show.  It was an incredible experience. Here is what went down ... 
Opening day was energy-filled. There was chatter all around and people were hungry to shop for antiques. Through our set-up, I realized pricing everything the night before was a bad idea. We were working on a few hours of sleep on the busiest day - hey, lesson learned!
Let's go back to the first day of set-up..When I arrived at Marburger Farm, it seemed surreal.  I was experiencing the antique show from a different perspective - a dealer instead of a shopper.  My good friend, Rachel, was sweet enough to take off work to go down to Round Top to help out with the initial stages of setting-up.  We arrived and we had a blank canvas - intimidating but at the same time extremely motivating - we could do whatever we wanted...a creative's dream really!
The first day of set-up we did the textured walls, the Magpie Fields logo to make it official and the lighting "T" beam. My dad was an all-star - he really brought my vision to life with this metal "T" he built.  He created the structure that was holding the lights and wired it to bring them to life - it really made the booth stand out. That extra touch brought it to the next level.   

Yeah, and that handsome guy below - he's my heart. He came to the rescue many of times - helping out on show days to coming after work to help us out with set-up to the wee hours of the night - he was there. 

A show takes a lot of hands and help from others - I honestly couldn't have done it without the support from family and friends - I'm truly blessed.

The second day was move-in day.  All hands on deck - we unloaded everything and started unpacking boxes ... After that, the next two days we spent merchandising/ pricing/ etc - the best part but a very time consuming part. It was awesome to have my mom to share this experience with - she's my ray of sunshine! A mother daughter duo that came ready to set-up shop and that we did!  

Mom and I rearranged the layout half way through the show to keep things fresh and make the booth more inviting.  I hadn't thought about how we would rearrange as things sold but it all worked out! The community of dealers here were amazing - everyone is willing to help out whether it be with advice or moving a couch!
It was amazing to meet all the friends of Magpie Fields - I loved being out from behind the computer screen and being able to bring the product to you guys and meet you as well! The encouragement I received was overwhelming - it really made my overall experience of the show a positive one.  The dream - as of now - is to open a brick and mortar and hearing all of you supporting that was unreal - thank you! 

It was so good to see Austin designers and friends at the show - especially Elizabeth from Stone Textile.  I met Elizabeth in the early stages of Magpie Fields and she has been a great friend/mentor through this journey! If you guys haven't checked out Stone Textile, you should - she is working on a new line being launched soon and has started instagramming sneak peeks! 

Accomplishing this filled my soul. I honestly thought getting everything together within a short six weeks notice while battling with anxiety on top of everything else was impossible. My family encouraged me to go for it and I knew deep down I needed to also, so I did. You guys I honestly believe it was the work of our gracious Savior that made all of this happen. I stood there on opening day and was shocked at how it all came together so smoothly and beautifully. It filled my heart with joy to see everything that is Magpie Fields in a small space...even if it was in the middle of a field! I hope you find this encouraging - to step out and go for it!

A big hug to everyone who helped and who came to visit - you guys are awesome!!

I'm looking forward to what lies ahead... Thanks again friends! xo, e

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