Gypsy Picnic

I wanted to share some of the fun my hubby and I had this past weekend at the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival here in Austin.
The oh-so-official guide

Excuse the bumpy ride! Don't you love that random band?!
 Reminded me of New Orleans
First stop: East Side King
East Side King speciality? Pork Bun
He liked it.
2nd stop: Chi'lantro
Korean BBQ Pork Burrito
Hub's 3rd Stop: The Zubick House
Smoked Pork Shoulder Kolache topped with local pickled 
jalapenos and onions = his favorite pick
My 3rd stop: Bananarchy
Huge frozen choco-dipped banana... rolled in nuts... 
on a plastic spoon = my favorite pick

So much fun + yes, we did leave with full bellies. If you've seen some, I definitely recommend trying out the food trucks in your area. You can't beat it - fresh ingredients, reasonable prices, and passionate cooks. Go out and support your local chefs; whether they serve out of a trailer or a brick and mortar, it's goooooooood!

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