Itty Bitty Towns: Wimberley + Gruene

Last week consisted of some half work days/half exploration days - it was lovely! My hubs had a few days off from work for spring break, so we took full advantage decided to explore some of the smaller towns of Texas - full of character, and a completely different way of life.  It was all about enjoying the small things in life, and slowing down to appreciate it all. You might have noticed some earlier pics from our lil trip here or here
First stop, Wimberley, TX - Itty bitty town with a strip of small shops (antiques and new items) that sits behind a quaint creek. The folks of the town like to call this town a "bit of heaven". 

I loved the pop art of this vintage parrot tray and the colors in this vintage kilim rug - so, so good.  Oh, and my new obsession? Arrows.
Second stop, was Gruene, TX - more shops, winery, and home of the oldest dance hall in Texas, Gruene Hall (seen top left with picture of Lyle Lovett - this guy got his start here). The day we went the winery was having a promo event with free wine tasting + food pairings. We sat outside around wooden barrels while listening to a string duo -  fancy

The town was full of little inns; the one at the top right had an underground house - hmmm, and even more they were prepping the new soil of the grass with cow definitely smelled like the 

The colors, sights, and quiet sounds of these two small towns were a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Austin. I like the feeling of stepping back in time - seeing old type, colors, and walking through the times of the "good ole days" every once in a while. Try it, it's very inspiring + refreshing!

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