These two art installations were up while I was living in Miami - a city that is boldly breaking in the art and design scene. Both installations featured metal wire medium created spaces or objects of a certain space, amazing hand crafted goodness!
 The top image was snapped while walking through the Lincoln Road Art Center - a collective unit of Miami creatives' workspaces. And the second image, the one I could stare at all day and still be in awe, was taken at the vibing Wynwood district.  

If you go to Miami, and haven't visited this area you must go - in my opinion its better than the more popular design district (not that the design district isn't swell in it's own right)!  It's on the edge and unlike any other part of Miami - art walks, sidewalk/sidewall art, a pool of inspiration - once discovered, it's going to be destination hot spot. 

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