Do you ever look around and realize you're surrounded by a bunch of "stuff" that doesn't make sense?! It almost seems like clutter? This seems to be something those of us who have, over the years, bought things because they were a good deal or because they were trendy, but not because you really loved the piece - I used to be one of these people, but moving multiple times helped me realize that I was going to end up with a home and closet full of "eh, it'll do" kind of pieces - that wouldn't inspire, wouldn't tell my story, and wouldn't really appeal to me - and that is no bueno and honestly, embarrassing to admit!

So fittingly, I thought this week's "Mix + Match" look would feature Mastered Minimalism.  I find it to be very inspiring, and it's so minimal, which seems odd to me because I love pattern and color and not anything boring.  But here's the thing, I've found that minimal doesn't have to be boring - and it's actually quite the opposite of boring.  The secret to achieving this mastered look is incorporating pieces you love, from different eras, and that are trendy to you.
With a white space like the ones here, the decor stands out and speaks volumes.  It's very peaceful yet intriguing ....don't you think?  Time for spring cleaning!

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