"I see trees of green" and "skies of blue", and I do in fact, oftentimes "think to myself what a wonderful world"; just as good ole Louis Armstrong once sang.

Magpie Fields is proud to provide an environmentally conscious approach to design and even more, really enjoy giving back! Did you know the three principles behind our brand were Green, Global, and Giving...check out our mission statement.
  When you purchase a vintage or an up-cycled good from the shop, you are helping the environment by recycling - that's right, going green! Also, our global goods are hand-crafted, meaning fine quality achieved without the production of mass pollution from a factory - supporting talented artists and clean air, so thank you!

This Sunday my friends, is Earth Day, a day dedicated to being reminded and grateful for the beautiful Earth we live in. What about making some sort of resolution - maybe opt to start conserving your water usage, or use reusable bags or baskets instead of the oh-so-convenient plastic option at the store. It's so easy to take the beautiful Earth and all the nature within it for granted - I think it's because we don't really see firsthand the damage we are doing to it everyday.  I have to admit, I really have slacked on helping the environment in the past, and I really want to change that. So this year on Earth day, I'm going to start with a small step of using only reusable bags or baskets - and when I don't for some reason have either on me, I'll reach for the paper bag over the non-biodegradeable plastic.  I think that's a good start! Every little bit helps, eh?!

Have a lovely weekend + Happy Earth Day! xo, e

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