The month of May, eh? It's here alright. The flowers will be blooming  - summer is upon us - and we will all give thanks to our moms and those influential female figures in our lives - it's a beautiful thing. I'm a pretty spontaneous gal but I do love a good tradition, and as I was being drawn to the colors in this vintage illustration it hit me - tea time tradition.  How about this mother's day, start a tradition for you and your mom - like a special tea time. How cute would that be?!
If you are far apart, keep a set and send the other to your mom. Schedule a time for your tea and enjoy tea through skype. Each of you can have the set to display in your home and think of that special time that you spend with each other! And if you live near each other - even better, give her both sets! She can display them throughout the year and pull them out to use on her special day.   What a sweet memory for you and mom!  We have this one and  that one in the shop to choose from as well as different mugs and cocktail glasses. Be sure to order your mother's day gifts soon because it's right around the corner!

image: art/green tea lilies
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