Heading out to the flea or farmers market this weekend?  Check out these totes and wagons to make the task of carrying around all your goods a breeze....a very stylish breeze I might add. 
When I go to flea markets I always have a tote on wheels and a magpie fields tote bag to stash all the essentials for quick grabs (measuring tape, my notes, phone, cash, etc. etc.)  Above is the mecca of all totes on wheels.  After finding these, I'm completely embarrassed to show you all what I've been toting around at market.  For farmers markets, the woven baskets always come in handy - especially if you are picking up freshly watered produce or plants.  The basket is forgiving with water, but the tote is great for quick picks!  Have a lovely weekend everyone + be sure to check out those style!

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