There is a new home decor store, Mockingbird Domestics, that has recently opened in South Austin with a unique concept of featuring Texas artisans under one umbrella, Mockingbird Guild.
Each piece available at the store has a story, allowing customers to tell their own story. Blending modern, vintage, industrial, and global goods in their displays, Mockingbird Domestics has it all.  I've been anticipating my first visit ever since they opened their doors.  As I entered the store, I was warmly greeted and offered a cup of coffee - I felt instantly at home.  
The concept behind Mockingbird Domestics is to partner with Texas artisans to provide well-crafted home decor.  I'm so thrilled to announce that Magpie Fields is now part of the Mockingbird Domestics Guild! You will find Magpie Fields lighting, hardware, and textiles within the store. We couldn't be more excited about collaborating with the incredibly talented Mockingbird Domestics Guild
So with that exciting news being said, if you haven't had a chance to swing by Mockingbird Domestics and are in the Austin area, you definitely should.  
It's a one-of-a-kind home decor store and there is no doubt you will find much to please!

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