Creative Crush: ALYSON FOX

I love living in a city filled with small business owners and creatives that encourage, inspire, and motivate one another - Austin and it's creatives are nothing short of amazing. I'm so grateful to be part of a creative group known as The Ruby - started by Chelsea of Go Forth, Ana of Grown-up Shoes, and Candice of Oh! FOX Vintage.

Last week you might have noticed, The Ruby put together a special evening event featuring Alyson Fox that was held at Kick Pleat.  Alyson is a multi-talented artist that is on my creative crush list and I'm sure yours as well.
That evening, we all gathered in the trendy Kick Pleat boutique (check out that fabulous chair and rug), chatted with local creatives, made a fun take-away piece of jewelry with geometric beads, and listened intently at Alyson's story.  Alyson blew me away with her warm nature, and honesty.  Her work and spirit are reflective of one another - she was such an inspiration.

She has most recently collaborated with West Elm and has a unique line of products out for this Fall. If you haven't checked it out - you definitely should. This pillow is my favorite.
You can also find her artwork on her site - the shapes, the colors... fantastic!
Have a lovely weekend friends! xo, e

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6 - 7 alyson fox

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