You might have seen images or heard me talking about my trip earlier this month to San Diego.  It was a short trip to the West Coast to visit one of my dear friends for her birthday. San Diego is such an awesome city - I think the most inspiring + surprising part was the landscape.

I learned that the famous Dr. Suess lived in La Jolla, one of the many areas of San Diego, and you can definitely see where he drew his inspiration from... right outside his front door. The trees are amazing - long and lean, and the ocean side is nothing less than magical.
One morning we were feeling adventurous and decided to trek the trails of Torrey Pines.  Up, around and finally down the hill to the ocean where the sand and water had made beautiful patterns together.  They reminded me of a few of the latest items, like this Danish set of leather books and teapot of swirls, in the shop.
It was a refreshing trip indeed. You really can pull inspiration from anywhere....even the sand.

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