It's all good.

Hi there friends - it has indeed been a little while, and it's so nice to be back.

Let me catch you up a bit - it will explain why you haven't seen much Magpie Fields action. About a month ago, my body said no more.  It all started with a little numbness in my face that I noticed for a couple of weeks, and I decided to ignore it because besides that, I was feeling fine. When my body had had enough, it about knocked me out - literally. All of a sudden I was experiencing numbness, tingling, faintness, confusion, and dizziness and I wasn't really sure what was going on . After all,  I had recently changed my diet to a healthier option of becoming vegan and was pretty active - but I was missing one important thing...vitamins. Changing my diet from eating pretty much anything in moderation (well some things moderately) to a strict vegan diet without supplements or vitamins, my body was missing the nutrients it needed and depended on. My body held strong for a little over a month on a vegan diet without b12 and D vitamins - when my blood work came back with deficiency, I hopped back on the dairy and meat train and started taking vitamins to get my body back on track. My symptoms were pretty much all over the place so multiple tests were taken to make sure nothing more serious was going on - tests to detect all types of diseases ranging from lupus to epilepsy to MS. I'm beyond grateful to say all the tests have come back normal and I'm feeling stronger everyday. Having your nervous system out of whack is something I had never experienced - you can't control it. I would look at a paragraph and wouldn't know how to process it or even how to start to read it. It was frustrating at times but to know some people deal with things like that daily really puts things into perspective...and fast.  It's humbling to be given your health back - something so easy to take for granted. I'm happy to say with a couple of  more doctor visits and building back up my strength, I'm pretty much in the clear! We must remember what our mama's have been telling us for a long time "take your vitamins" - they aren't kidding.
Going through this has taught me so much. It's stretched me spiritually more than ever and I'm grateful for that. Experiencing anxiety for the first time was scary but learning to live in the spirit and not of ourselves is so freeing - I have to thank my brother for that bit of advice...its so true! It's easy to get wrapped up in our world of dreams, goals, and everyday life and quickly forget that we aren't in control - but not being is control is really the beauty of it all. It's nice to remember to let go, it's the only way to live in peace. I can't be reminded of that enough.

A huge thanks to you all for understanding and my friends and family for their encouraging words - especially to my husband who has been unbelievably supportive and my mom who has been absolutely amazing for coming out to stay with us for a while. You are all awesome.

So things should start livening up around here - I'm excited and a little terrified (in a good way) to get back into the swing of things! Oh, and summer is almost here...yes! lots of love, em

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