It was time for a new mouse pad. I was never thrilled about my old mouse pad - I mean it was just a mouse pad. It served the function I needed it to so I used it, but with time and much wear and tear I realized it had to go. It became a distraction - silly but true. So I thought, easy ... DIY. What once was the general slate grey mouse pad (flipped over in the pics below because it was that bad) -  is now a cute little piece of art on my desk. Now I'm thinking I should have done this sooner!
Here's how to make a super easy cork mouse pad...
Grab cork squares at Lowe's about $9 for a pack of 4. Make multiple mouse pads to give as gifts or use in different rooms of the house.  I was tempted to just use the cork as is but I went ahead and spiced it up a little with some paint. You could even use the extra squares on your wall for hanging up art or other inspiration - or as a charger for a place setting - or as a matte for a frame - you get the idea, so many uses! 
I went with two colors and the natural cork - acrylic paint and spray paint. As far as even lines - the spray paint definitely was easier and less of a mess. I decided to paint the entire square so I could pick and choose which area I would actually use when I cut it out. 
 Something simple that will put a smile on your face! Xo, e

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