EAST Austin Studio Tour

The EAST Austin Studio Tour took place the last two weekends in Austin. I was able to breakaway and visit about five different studios out of the 160.  It was utterly inspiring to see the talent of different Austin artists.
The Canopy studio really stuck out to me - I think it was my favorite. Keith Kreeger Pottery and Studio SloMo were two of the talents at Canopy.
We were thrilled to have a bit of Magpie Fields used in the styling of this beautiful wooden bed by DropHouse Design. The styling was done by Elizabeth Mollen of Stone Textile Studio; she used one of our handmade mud clothes to mix with her incredible textiles.  I totally dig this modern look she created.
Me and my good gal, Rachel, and her hubs, Larry (check out his photography!) really enjoyed EAST this year - although I wish I could have seen more, I'll take what I can get! Son of a Sailor has been a favorite artist of mine since discovering them and seeing their work space was a total treat - their use of color is amazing. 

Until next year EAST...

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