Berlin finds...

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to Berlin for the weekend.  Boy, did I ever fall in love.  There are so many great things about Berlin, especially for design fanatics and french food lovers.  I found so many great design and interior stores in Berlin and was fairly surprised  by it.  I guess, I missed the known fact that Berlin is the "up and coming design capital of the world".  Well, that's what some claim, and frankly, I can see why. Let me share with you the best of Berlin's kept secrets...

Twinkle Twinkle
Kollwitzstrasse 52
Prenzlauerberg district
This little shop makes me dizzy! It's an "oh my gosh" kind of shop for me. This retro inspired store brings back patterns and designs from yesteryear.  This store features popular kitsch brands such as pip studio and cath kidston, and also other brands such as clayre and eef as well as house doctor. A must-see in my books!

Cole Dammpf's
Offnungszeiten 39
Prenzlauerberg district
This kitchen store caught my eye with their lovely holiday decor. What a wonderful way to incorporate color and fun to an ordinary cereal bowl display.

cache coeur
 Schoenhauser Allee 174
Prenzlauerberg district
Unfortunately I came across this shop on a Sunday, in which it was closed.  From the looks of it, its a vintage shop that handles clothing, shoes, accessories, and furniture.  I see it as an upscale vintage gem.

push gallerie
 Kollwitzstrasse 97
Prenzlauerberg district
This store of modern design carries products similar to those you might find in a MoMa shop, but with gadgets and gizmos galore it's even better.  Products of a particular function used to make a product of another function all in a sleek design. What more could you want?

Bateau Ivre
Oranienstrasse 18
Kruezberg district
This cute little corner cafe has much to offer.  It seemed to be a local hotspot with its packed out tables of Berlin-ers coming in for their Sunday brunch. Served here? French cuisine - simply put, Meat or cheese tray, a basket of yummy sliced baguettes, and a cafe au late on the side. Atmosphere? Chill. Those who rolled out of bed just to drag themselves down the road to their favorite Sunday brunch joint, which happens to be an adorable french cafe.

Interior: hipster paper lanterns strung from a rope, old wooden furniture, and  a nicely selected sage wall color makes for a pleasant atmosphere.

french cuisine: meat and cheese tray accompanied by sliced baguettes and a cafe au late.

Nord Sud
small street off of Oranienstrasse
Kreuzberg district
A daily selected menu of french cuisine. Three courses and three options, with one fixed low price.  Only a few tables in this little restaurant, but it  serves as a cozy little nook. We happened to pass by and it looked so inviting we decided to pop in just in time to snag a vacant table. There was only a staff of two the night we went, one cook and one waiter/greeter/etc, who happened to be the owner, and yes, he is French. Some of the nicest people doing what they love, loving what they do, and doing it to perfection.

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