Toots & Magoo

During a morning web surf, I came across a unique boutique shop, Toots & Magoo, tucked away in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Beautiful handcrafted Valentine's window display. 

The wool felt products were what first drew me to Toots & Magoo.  I am "goo-goo" over anything made of wool felt. My love for this material was founded while living abroad, and has followed me back to the States.  My eyes light up when I see wool felt products because it's far and few between one finds these products in the States, even wool felt itself.

Sleek and functional eyeglasses case for only $18

After admiring such products of those made of wool felt, I was fairly surprised by all the quirky treasures, like the ruler placemats and numbered napkins. Simple concept in black and white and darn cute at that.  

A love for numbers and all things black and white

If I find myself visiting Chapel Hill, I will definitely have to make this shop an extended pit stop so I can drool over all the paper, felt, and textile products and not to mention their visual window and store displays. Until then, their website will suffice. Mixin' old with the new, I'm all about Toots & Magoo!
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