New Look...

One of my many blessings in life is knowing a very lovely lady who coordinates estate sales in my home town. She recently came across  a dining room set that she thought I would like or at least see potential in, and boy, did I!  I usually don't like sets, especially furniture sets, but this set could definitely be taken and broken up -- in order to feature each piece individually or as an actual set but transforming the pieces to look as though they were bought separately.

The set consists of a china cabinet, a table, and six chairs.  To begin the transformation process I started with the chairs.
Screaming 70's! But I love the geometric old school construction of this chair.

I found this undoubtably perfect ikat fabric in soothing neutral fibers to reupholster the chairs.  I love the neutral against the natural shade of the wood -- I am considering painting them in a high lacquer, but that's yet to be determined.

I'm lovin' the new look! I can't wait to see these chairs grouped around a table.

The china cabinet will definitely be painted in a blue lacquer, and I'll post the original pictures later of that and the table -- I have to leave something to the imagination!  I'll keep you updated...don't you fret!
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