Cute as pie!

I recently finished my first major project, and I'm so happy with the outcome!

 This past May, my dear friend, Morgan Bryant graduated from LSU Vet School (yay!! congrats congrats!!) and moved back to our home town for her and her husband to accept wonderful job opportunities.  With moving back home, Morgan and her husband, Cole, purchased their first home! It's darling! She has excellent taste.

Morgan wanted to blend in a  vintage couch into her kitchen/breakfast area.  Her kitchen is so precious, with it's apple green cabinets and Anthropolgie white floral knobs. The couch was handed down from her mother, and was fab from the get-go; the fabric was just worn down.

With all that in mind, we set out to find the perfect fabric.  Morgan has always loved red, and my mimi worked in interiors for years and always said, "there should be a touch of red in every room".  Let's just say, Morgan got her touch of red!

With the dominant hues of red, I decided to paint the couch in a high gloss dover white.

And here is the final product! Isn't it cute as pie?!!

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