Rolling Hills of Wonder

The rolling hills of Round Top, TX, along with the neighboring towns in Fayette County, were filled with global goods and vintage treasures this past weekend. My mom and I tackled as much ground as possible in 3 days. We had an amazing time.

Here are my top 10 "ah-ha" moments & tips:

1. The dealers in the Warrenton fields open the Wednesday before the weekend Malburger Farms opens. The field dealers are open 10 plus days and not just the one weekend Malburger Farms is open.
2. Just pick a spot and start shopping. There is so much to see, there is no way to organize a plan.
3. There IS free parking (behind the fields).
4. Malburger Farms is for those seeking out restored antiques or new items. The dealers set their space up as if it were a store, merchandised beyond belief.  Seriously, I'm talking up their with Anthropologie, and this is just for one weekend in a tent with no AC. I admire these people.
5. Branch bundles sell for $3. It's time to start chopping.
6. The fields are for "junking" and the dealers are more willing to work on their prices the last weekend.  Although, they have more to choose from the first weekend.
7. The tea is Unsweet, and this my friends, did not sit well with my mother. She's more of the "I'll have some tea with my cup of sugar" kind of gal. Love her.
8. Cowboy boots are necessary, cowboy hats are optional.
9. Thursday night of the last weekend is Prom Night at Zapp Hall. You can dress up ,but more importantly, their are free chips-n-dip and a cocktail. Hello, freebies!
10. I have a feeling, Once you go, you will never stop going...

Round Top, I will be seeing you Spring 2012.
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