Well, hello there - I hope you enjoyed your weekend! This weekend ended with nice spring-like 
    weather here in Austin, and it left me craving warmer weather and lots of sunshine. To fill the void 
    of spring cravings + botanical blooms, our featured find today from the shop is the Secret Garden   
    This hanging artwork is known as a Tole Chandelier, that is handcrafted from metal, and is a petite 
    masterpiece.  Tole Chandeliers range from 10" - 18" in diameter, and our Secret Garden Chandelier 
    is the more favorable and sought after 18" of excellent proportions + scale for any room.  
   There are three types of tole chandeliers, Italian, French, and Greek, that can be distinguished by their 
   design, and this floral design is one of an Italian artisan dating back to the 1940s. Hand-painted buds 
   and swooping vines give an appealing, organic shape and a touch of whimsy that's needed in every 

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