In search of inspiration - I've scouted out some vintage shops in Austin. There is so much inspiration to be found in vintage design. Even the colors and patterns in the clothing - like the ones dancing behind the lettering below-  I could get lost in it all...
 Recently I hit up a couple of shops on the East side of town + took a few instagrams to share with you! One spot I checked out was Hog Wild, and wild it was! Going into this shop, I really felt like I was being transported back to the 60s/70s era - I'm talking an episode of "Happy Days".   
The beauty of vintage is taking the gems amongst them all and putting them into your modern home. This transforms the piece from something overlooked to a key statement piece, and it gives your home a story with touches of character.  An easy way to start implementing vintage pieces in your home is starting with glassware - little cocktail glasses or mugs. It somehow makes your beverage taste that much better!

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