Mixing modern + vintage is a design concept that is never going to fade. There is such a wide range of mixing up the two to create different feels. You could put modern hues on painted walls in a room filled with antiques - you could mix vintage finds on a modern coffee table - you could use vintage textiles on modern pieces of furniture - really the options are endless. The outcome is always fresh and appealing because everyone's version is different, which is why this look will always be in.

So when you mix modern + vintage looks within your home - your pulling ideas from a style that is your own.  I've been really inspired by bohemian flair lately - i'm talking tribal prints and bold colors.  I adore this inviting dining area - it's relaxed, simple, and has just enough flair! 
Maybe you favor more traditional, or maybe you like a sleek minimal look, or maybe one of these looks from my boards - at least one thing is the same, it's still a mix of the old added with the new. I'll be spotlighting different looks in this column, Mix and Match - and show you easy ways to achieve the featured look.
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