It's not a secret that yellow is one of my favorite colors - it was the main color in my wedding and the color of my bedroom for many years growing up. And yes, it's true -  colorS because it's way too hard to have just one favorite color. Am I alone on this?!

I've been pleasantly surprised to see yellow popping up - mostly in fashion, but now definitely being noticed in interiors. It's like a domino effect, once it hits fashion - it then starts showing up in interiors, or vice versa.  Notice the pieces from the shop? We're trending!

I would suggest to always implement colors in your home or wardrobe that you are naturally attracted to - don't make yourself like a color just because it's "in style".  It will be out of style before your comfortable with the shade + besides you want to surround yourself with the colors that make you happy or at peace. Colors definitely do have an affect on your mood, but not in a mood ring kind of way - remember those? They were strange... but i definitely had one, and wore it.
Yellow is one of those happy colors for me. It puts a smile on my face! And by the way, y'all have got to check out more goods from Found - item # 7 - is from. Found is a design store in Miami founded by the coolest trio team of a mother and her two daughters - their speciality? up-cycled vintage furniture that they transform into masterpieces - check it

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