Featured Find: Bolga Basket

With last weeks Mix + Match post on Bohemian Flair - I thought it only appropriate for the featured find this week to be the Bolga Baskets.  Bold colors + tribal patterns make these baskets a perfect addition to bring cultural richness inside your space.
The bolga baskets are handwoven from local artisans in the Bolga region of Ghana, Africa - we love supporting local artisans around the world.   Elephant grass is used to create these crafted goods and it allows the baskets to be easily reshaped - just rinse with water, reshape to desired form, and let it dry in the sunlight. The handle is fastened around a ring - making it easy to hold, and the genuine leather makes for a comfortable grip - the hand craftsmanship is truly exquisite and something hard to find in our modern times.
The baskets are great to use for storage - in your living room for dvd's, outside for poolside activities, in bathrooms for washcloths, in bedrooms for odds and ends. They are even nice to bring to the local market to hold your fresh produce. We adore the bright colors + the story behind these goods, and we couldn't be happier to share them with you! And why not go ahead and take a look at what else we have in the shop!
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