If y'all didn't know this lil' tidbit yet, I'm highly in love with doors  (old ones, you know the ones with lots of character) + I get so excited when I see one that catches my eye. It's usually a *gasp* ..."oh my gosh did you see that!" kinda moment.

So I decided to start photographing doors of inspiration because I just had to share - its like I was trying to hold in a secret, a good one + that's no fun!  Walking around downtown Austin, I came across these...
Sometimes it's the shape, sometimes the detailing, and sometimes the color - there is no rhyme or reason, I'm just drawn to it - see what I mean. Aren't they swell?!

I just adore the traditional style of these masculine doors with the feminine ironwork - and the real kicker is the popping oceanic colors - - c'mon...soooo good!
 So happy Friday friends - go out + enjoy your weekend! xo

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