Remember when I told you about that exciting find I found for a wedding project? Well, today I get to reveal the goods! I was asked by a client, which this time happened to be my lovely mother-in-law, to find the perfect wedding gift for a couple that is very dear to her, and also my husband and I. Needless to say, this was a very special project indeed!

Initially, she thought about a tumbler set - you know the fabulous highball sets that come with the brass holder? Well, little did we know we would be greeted by an unexpected surprise. I came across this unique bamboo piece and immediately I sent her a picture (the one below) in hopes she would think the same. I just knew it could be turned into such a delight + she was quick to agree. The vision? A modern lacquered cocktail is a before + after shot! 
It was THE combination we were looking for - feminine in shape but masculine in texture; rich vintage history but trendy modern aesthetic, an edgy unexpected delight that would satisfy the traditionalist at heart...I mean, we struck gold! I'm so glad I could finally share this piece with you - it's just so good! 

Once the piece arrived safe and sound in New Orleans, she was so kind and sent me some snap shots of her ideas - so creative and thoughtful! Don't you love the glass on top?! It was certainly a pleasure + inspiration working with her- thank you! xo

Packaged + sent with love - and a little canvas tote of birdseed:)

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