What a dream. I'm not sure if it's the Scandinavian influence that is drawing me in or the gypsy-like effortlessness that screams beauty, but I could definitely live in a space like this. I've always been drawn to simple all white spaces like that of Scandinavian design, and have also in the past few years rapidly grown a love for quirky gypsy bits. 

Nevertheless, what pulls my heart strings the most is the "mix and match" of modern and vintage. The look this week is what I like to call "Rustic Chateau". It's the modern version of shabby chic, because lets all admit, that has totally been overplayed.  Rustic chateau is where it's at because it brings us into modern times by including modern accents!
I could totally see this being placed on that vanity, and this to be added to the jewelry collection. Oh, and you know what would be perfect on that coffee table? This guy. 

This look is blended so beautifully, that it's hard to see the modern aspects of the design - but that's what makes it SO good. The femininely rustic vintage chairs and vanity are balanced with the beautiful vintage chandelier.  The blend of modern is seen with the coffee table, the slipcovered couch, the modern art, those trendy jewels + perfumes, and of course, the crisp white walls. Simple and beautiful - this rustic chateau look is spot on.   

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