Color is so intriguing, especially in unexpected color combos.  It's like a breath of fresh air.

I was drawn to the image of this outfit on Pinterest - simply because of the colors.  So beautiful - lively - and unexpected, and I realized the same color combos have been seen in the shop. No wonder they caught my eye!
I really feel like this gal would really dig the wise old owl bookends and colorful reads as well as this felt flag. She seems like the trendy type - ya know, the owls on her bookshelf with all of her travel, art, + fashion books mixed with some classics...a few felt flags pinned up randomly in her loft. Yea, her style is spot on. She's probably an editor - a fashion editor, that is constantly inspired by her surroundings and never leaves her loft without her lips glossed in the perfect shade of rouge. I like her story.

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