Oh textiles, how you are loved! The color, the texture, the graphics that tell a woven story. One of my favorite types of textiles is antique Turkish kilims because of their classic beauty, fine craftsmanship, and cultural richness - which is exactly why Magpie Fields has chosen to add a selected few in the form of pillows to our collection.

A turkish kilim is a flat woven type of turkish carpet or rug and in its most authentic form is handwoven and made of live wool. Each pillow is made with a portion of an antique turkish kilim rug to make a one-of-a-kind pillow, a beautiful piece of art.
Not one is the same, and is made of naturally dyed live wool; live wool with all the natural oils to allow the natural dyes to pop. The live wool is handwoven - yes, each little knot was done by hand and not by machine giving it a story of its own. Imported from Istanbul and its neighboring villages, these  antique kilim pillows are handwoven pieces of rich history and can add a natural element to your space.
Magpie Fields holds true to the mission it was built upon and this product follows suit by:
1. Green goods - recycling beautiful handwoven antique kilim carpets and rugs into classic pillows
2. Global goods- providing a unique and culturally rich found good
3. Giving chances - by your purchase you are making a difference; a portion of your purchase is given to a charity of love 

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