I came across this beautiful cotton ribbon at a flea market, and knew it would be the perfect final touch for the Magpie Fields packages.  So to enhance the ribbon and better blend it with the brand, I decided to dye it.

Adding just a hint of color brought out subtle softness to the stiff texture, and after two dyeing sessions and a whirl in the washing machine, it was good to go. After achieving the shade, I used fabric ink to stamp the logo on the ribbon. I really love how each section of the ribbon holds different areas of the logo - it goes along with the quirkiness of Magpie Fields.  The small drawstring bags were dipped into the same dye and turned out even better than the ribbon - love!

It might be a little extra work to ustomize ribbon, but it's unique and that's some kind of special my friends.

Want to try? Here's how:
1- dye to be blended to make the perfect shade + ribbon to be dipped
2 - drawstring muslin bags to be dipped
3 - soaking for 30 minutes
4 - after soaking  (but before washing)
5 - grey ribbon soaking
6 - second round dye packets(grey needed to be darkened and peach/flesh shade needed to be softened)
7 - stamping the ribbon after washing
8 - bags stamped and washed
9 - final products
09 10