You know what will brighten any Monday?  A new release of Sweet Paul print!

Sweet Paul Issue No. 9, has just hit Anthropologie stores across the nation. You will "ooh" and "ahh" over the impeccable styling and delicious recipes by the Founder and Editor in Chief, Paul Lowe.  

At one time Sweet Paul Magazine was only available online, but recently the magazine has grown to be a publication exclusively available at Anthropologie.  Reading Sweet Paul printed on thick lush paper, makes it even sweeter.

AND... I'm completely ecstatic to say that Magpie Fields is part of Sweet Paul's new issue! Check out the Magpie Fields Ad on page 6 in the publication and online. BIG HUGE thanks to the Sweet Paul team for the placement of the Magpie Fields Ad. The ad looks absolutely beautiful!!
Sweet Paul Magazine is a guide to entertaining, styling, and home decor tips and tricks. One of my favorite articles in Issue No. 9 is "Memories and Inspiration: How flea market finds can inspire you" on page 102. Lovely, indeed.

 Enjoy! xo - emily

- images are from Sweet Paul Magazine
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