GETTING SCHOOLED: blogshop + video class

Hi there everybody! Hope you all had a lovely holiday and have had a wonderful start to the new year. The new year has started off with a bang, and honestly I think it snuck up on me!

When January 1 came along, I was so excited for what was to come in the new year and my focus immediately shifted to the first event I had on the agenda - blogshop.
Most of you know, I attended blogshop last year and have had nothing but great things to say about the course - so this year, I didn't want to miss out on the fun and was able to help out during the course and also was asked to have our tote bags as part of the takeaways - yay!!
It was incredible - the passion behind the two founders of the workshop, bri from DesignLoveFest and angela from Angela and Ithyle, is infectious, and being in a room full of creatives is exhilarating. I left completely inspired and completely exhausted (i'm not sure how they teach so many courses!!).  Everyone loved the smilebooth during the breaks. Caught in the middle - bri, me, sara, and angela - always loads of fun to have a photobooth on site!
Following blogshop was the video class the gals just added to their classes - I jumped on board and signed up for the class. I really think video is where the internet is heading and I want to be able to capture the moments when I'm at market and fixing up the goods for the shop.  I learned there is a LOT that goes behind a good video - what a great tool to have learned. I hope to add a few here and there! At the video class - our popular collected keys were part of the takeaway - loved how they captured them in the shot below!
Since blogshop + the video class, I have been catching up with planning - lots of great things in the works for the new year! Now being back on track, I think my new year will start officially on Feb 1. or maybe even's funny how we put rules on when things should start - afterall, everyday is a new day! I'm excited to share whats to come in the next year... and I'm so blessed to have all of your support. Thank you, thank you!! It's good to be back! xo, e

images from designlovefest + smilebooth

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