To every Louisianan, New Orleans holds a special place in their heart, but having married a New Orleanian it has brought my love for the city to a whole new level. It's almost like I have been exposed to a different side of Nola; ya know, gotten the inside scoop.
The love that New Orleanians have for their city is indescribable, and they are a bit protective + prideful of it (and understandable so). The heart and soul of this city, is part of what makes it so very special.
Over the holidays me, Josh, and my brother-in-law Jordan took some snap shots on a late afternoon walk. I love strolling the streets of our favorite areas + admiring the architecture; Josh and I usually pick out our dream home, and I scout out the perfect spot where the brick + mortar Magpie Fields might one day stand.
Although, I do have mad, mad love for Austin and all this city has to offer - I sometimes wonder if we ever have the chance to call Nola home, if I'll actually, maybe, possibly be able to call myself a New Orleanian.

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