UPCYCLED: living room couch

  I've been so lucky to inherit this charming couch that once sat in my Mimi's formal room. The frame  
  on the couch has been one of my all time favorites + I adored her choice of ruby red fabric. After a   
  busted water pipe drenched the seat cushions, it was now time for me to face the facts - it needed a   
   Coming back home from living in Prague, I began working on a project for a dear friend, and it got   
   me thinking about my own neglected treasure. I went and pulled this bad boy out of storage and got   
   to searching for fitting fabrics. Above, is a selection I came across early in my search - I was drawn to 
   the metallics in the cream, but it was a bit too formal for me. 
       I kept an eye out, but it wasn't until after moving home from Miami that we actually needed a 
      couch for our next apartment - I knew it was time to get moving on this makeover. I went with a 
      classic fabric for the cushion covering, like this one I had previously used for chairs.  Now, I'll be 
      able to change it up with different accent pillows throughout its lifetime.  I love our playful couch - 
      mixed with our quirky new + old collected pieces. It makes me smile

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