Inspiration in: MARFA, TX

The mister and I recently went out west to find inspiration galore. Final Destination? White Sands National Park First Stop? Marfa, TX.   I'm excited to share today pictures from our first stop in Marfa - and what a unique little town it was.

Marfa was a quirky in many ways, and it reminded me of Austin - like this painting, which is seen off of South Congress in Austin as well as off the main drag in Marfa.

This small town was noted to be popularized by artist, Donald Judd, in the late 70's.  He was a minimalist and to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City, he bought desert land in Marfa to create standing-to-this-day masterpieces.

Marfa seems to be an international meeting spot for creatives. From Denmark to California, and all cities in between - we met people - some artist and some not - who come to "meet up" and hang out in this small desert town of west Texas.

One of the highlights of the trip was staying at El Cosmico. The creator behind this gem is Liz Lambert - the same creative genius behind the Hotel San Jose,  Hotel Saint Cecilia, and multiple locations of Jo's coffee house.  El Cosmico is a pristine and well designed lot of vintage airstreams, teepees, and area to pitch tents. It was like living life in back in the day - but in modern day style... an experience that can't be beat.

We were lucky enough to snag the "Kozy Couch" for the night and it was cozy indeed. With the sounds of the night and light breeze streaming through the windows - it was tranquil and quite relaxing.  After one night, I was convinced Magpie Fields would need an airstream for the adventures of flea marketing on the US roadways. Right??

By now your probably packing your bags for a trip out to west Texas - and I don't blame you.  The sometimes forgotten land of west Texas, has much to explore.  Go!

And get excited for next week - I'll share inspirational photos from White Sands... unbelievable, trust me.

Enjoy Marfa! - xo, e
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