Magpie Fields has been hard at work creating exclusive goods. One of the elements of our branded products is a canvas tote bag that reads "Full of Wonder".  The tag line was created to allude to what might be carried in the tote and also to describe who would be carrying the tote.

To add that extra detail - I attempted to make custom spray paint in our very own peachy/blush hue.

How do you make custom spray paint? Simple.

Spray bottle
Fill half of the bottle with water
Fill the other half of the bottle with Rubbing Alcohol
Put drops of Acrylic paint into the bottle. I counted to ten if that helps... but it really depends on the depth of the shade you are trying to achieve. 
Shake - test spray to see if its the shade you intended...and there you have it, the perfect mist of paint to have a gradient affect!

Oh yes, so in love with these... 

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